Thanks Bill, is there any chance you have your checklist/script for what you 
cleanup shared anywhere?  I would love to see what else you target when you 
clean things up once a year.

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Hi Josh,

I clean these up about once a year.  It's never been a problem, though.  I just 
like cleaning things.


On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 4:10 PM, Josh Stompro 
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Hello, I’ve been changing around some indexing rules and applied the fix to the 
full stop/rda relator code normalization issue and now just noticed that all 
the no longer used browse entries are sticking around in metabib.browse_entry.

There are 175K entries out of 950K that are no longer used according to 
metabib.browse_entry_def_map and metabib.browse_entry_simple_heading_map.

Has anyone found this to be an issue and removed those unused entries?  I don’t 
think this is causing any issues, it just seems strange to hold on to that 
data.  Any typo that was ever entered in a browse field and corrected is 
recorded there.


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