Mike, Thank you for the guidance and the reminder to vacuum and analyze after 
cleanup.  We haven't disabled the visibility test so that shouldn't be a 

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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It's not causing any issues in any instance that EOLI oversees.  It's a unique 
string listing based on a B+Tree index, so until you get past several 
quintillion entries you should be fine.  The one benefit of removing orphaned 
entries would be for the off chance that the terms in the string are 
collectively entirely unique and you've disabled the visibility test for 
autosuggest, where you might get a browse suggestion that would lead to a dead 

If you do clear them out, make sure you vacuum and analyze the table (/not/ 
vacuum full, mind) afterwords.


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On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 4:10 PM, Josh Stompro <stomp...@exchange.larl.org> wrote:
> Hello, I’ve been changing around some indexing rules and applied the 
> fix to the full stop/rda relator code normalization issue and now just 
> noticed that all the no longer used browse entries are sticking around 
> in metabib.browse_entry.
> There are 175K entries out of 950K that are no longer used according 
> to metabib.browse_entry_def_map and metabib.browse_entry_simple_heading_map.
> Has anyone found this to be an issue and removed those unused entries?  
> I don’t think this is causing any issues, it just seems strange to 
> hold on to that data.  Any typo that was ever entered in a browse 
> field and corrected is recorded there.
> Thanks
> Josh
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