While many folks are still en-route home from the Evergreen conference I
thought I’d start a conversation about the Hack-A-Way ... for next year!
We’ve planned the year in advance for the event before when it was useful
for the host and it may be again.  Evergreen Indiana is interested in
hosting in 2019.  As many of you know they were excellent hosts for us in
2016 & 2017 and would like to do it again.  This is a community decision so
if there are others interested in hosting in 2019 or 2020 please throw your
hat in the ring.  An idea I would like to propose for discussion is leaning
on the generosity of Indiana and an offer from them to host every other
year.  They are in a fairly central location with a lot of advantages that
I won’t elaborate on now though we can certainly can but first I wanted to
solicit initial feedback.   So, thoughts?

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