Hello all,

After some consideration and consultation with the community, we have
decided to postpone point releases scheduled for today until Wednesday of
next week (or a bit later, please read on).  There are a number of
high-priority bug fixes very close to completion (particularly for
web-staff cataloging), and we feel that getting those out sooner outweighs
the benefits of rolling out what we have ready today.  We are also still
quite early into the month of May, so we have this luxury.

It was pointed out that next Wednesday is right in the middle of Bug
Squashing week.  This isn't ideal, of course, since that means only roughly
half of the bug squashing can get into this release.  While I might simply
say that half is better than none, we also plan to monitor squashing
activity, and may in fact choose to delay a few more days if it seems like
momentum on certain bugs would justify waiting.  On the other hand, we do
need to be very careful to guard against an attitude of waiting for "one
more thing", and thus waiting perpetually.  We also do not want to overlap
with the (U.S) holiday weekend, as it has historically been a time for
folks to upgrade.

Sincerely, and on behalf of the release team,

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