Jane-- Thanks for suggesting this. This is exactly what we would want at 
Niagara College.


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On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 6:41 AM, Jason Stephenson <ja...@sigio.com> wrote:
> What would be better than all of these useful scripts floating around 
> would be if someone would fund development for batch patron loading in 
> the client.

I agree that a GUI batch loader would be very helpful.  However, several 
libraries need to batch load these patrons on a daily basis, since students may 
start programs at various times throughout the semester.  So the nightly cron 
job script approach is pretty important for these cases, and I think it would 
be nice if there were a more standard way in Evergreen to do that particular 

I'm wondering if we might consider including a very general, flexible patron 
batch import/update script in the support-scripts directory.

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