I would like to ask whether there is a possibility to exclude the value of
the field 041 when searching by language in the Evergreen catalog (and
search only by the value specified in the 008 field).

Our students often need literature in German or in English for their
language lessons. In our previous Evergreen versions they used to search
English or German materials using language filter in the OPAC. Our
consortium have upgraded to Evergreen 3.1 this summer. Version 3.1 allows
combining the searched languages by extracting values from both the 008
control field and the 041 data field. Unfortunately, this excellent new
ability has unexpected consequences for searching in our catalog. When
search query is filtered for example by English language of the item, most
search results are  in Czech nevertheless. The reason is quite simple: most
scholarly materials contain resume in English or German (or both), and
information about language of an existing resume is usually specified in
the field 041 $b of the bib record. This means, the filtering by language
is useles for our users at the moment ;-( .

Example of the search query  filtered by English language of the item:
Example of the search qurey filtered by German language of the item:

Is there some setting available, that would exclude the values specified in
field 041 from the search result when searching by language of the item?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Mgr. Eva Cerniňáková
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