Does that AT generate an email or other notification based upon the patron penalty? I suppose that means that the patron account would need to have been opened by the staff client in order to execute the penalty calculation? The code that I am finding for that AT is related to CSV export.

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On 10/1/2018 3:58 PM, Terran McCanna wrote:
We are planning on implementing a notice using the hook "penalty.PATRON_EXCEEDS_FINES" so that it is based on the penalty level (in our case, $10.00 for most types of patrons). We haven't tested it yet, but we'll probably set the granularity to run nightly.

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    I worked on some code for (what sounds like) the same thing:


    I ran my version on production for a bit until I realized it
    brought the utility server to it's knees then disabled the A/T. I
    was sort of waiting to see where the Dan-and-Remington patches
    took it. It's currently waiting for a patch to make it more
    multi-branch ready. And perhaps a better performing PG view.

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       Does anyone know what I would put in Trigger Event Definitions
    to do the following? If a patron’s Total Owed exceeds a specific
    dollar amount, the system would generate a print notice. The
    notice would contain a friendly greeting and then list all open
    bills. Is this possible?

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