Another thing that can cause a white screen is if the local database gets

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On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 11:33 AM, John Amundson <>

> Hello, All:
> I was curious if anyone else is seeing *White Screens* in the Web Client,
> (i.e. only top green navigation bar is visible, rest of screen is white), 
> *that
> cannot be fixed*.
> Since we moved to the web client, (3.0.8), in May, we have had reports,
> like other networks, of the White Screen issue. Normally this can be solved
> by clearing cookies and re-registering the workstation. This continued to
> work without fail until last month.
> Last month Chrome updated to version 69, (with a new look). Since then
> we've had several reports of the White Screen not being solved by clearing
> cookies. I have even remote-connected to some of these computers and
> confirmed clearing cookies did not work.
> This Sunday we upgraded to 3.0.12, which included a fix for some White
> Screen problems, but today I received a call from a library with multiple
> computers with the unfixable White Screen. What was a little troublesome is
> that the computers were also experiencing the issue in Firefox, (Version 62
> - also released in September). Clearing the cookies/cache in either browser
> led back to the login screen. When credentials were entered, the White
> Screen appeared again.
> Since the web client is designed to work in Chrome and Firefox, it was a
> little worrisome that neither browser could access it effectively.
> The computer had more-than-reasonable specs, (quad core 3.3+GHz processor,
> 8GB of RAM), but was running Windows 7. Windows updates on the machine were
> severely out-of-date, so I suggested updating the computer to see if it
> helps. I have not heard back yet on if it does.
> In retrospect, I believe that most, if not all, of the computers
> experiencing this problem were on Windows 7 or earlier.
> My Windows 10 machine, (with lower specs than the machine above), has been
> running the web client on Chrome version 69 without any issues.
> Has anyone else been seeing the "unfixable White Screen", specifically
> with newer versions of Chrome/Firefox and/or older versions of Windows?
> When clearing cookies doesn't solve the White Screen, is there anything
> else we could suggest, (that could be achieved by library staff)?
> I couldn't find any launchpad activity on this, but I can add a bug if the
> community thinks this should be addressed in that manner.
> Thank you,
> John
> <>
> John Amundson | Library Applications Associate III | CW MARS
> | 508-755-3323 x322 <%28508%29%20755-3323>

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