Hi John,

Can you go to the Copy Locations Editor and double check that "Checkin
alert" is set to "No" for those new locations?

  - Jane

On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 10:56 AM John <be...@tds.net> wrote:
> Good afternoon folks,
> I've been helping one of our Maine Balsam member libraries update their
> shelving locations.
> They hadn't created any aside from the default stacks, so we added
> specifics like adult nonfiction, easy, DVD, etc. After getting a
> spreadsheet of their holdings and sorting by call#, I showed them how to
> run a text file of 100 or so barcodes through item status, highlight the
> lot and change location to the one they wanted.  So far, so good, but
> every time any changed item is checked in, they get a popup screen
> saying 'this item needs to be rerouted to the updated location. Is there
> something I missed, or a reasonable fix so they don't have to deal with
> these popups every time. We're running 2.8.3
> Thank you,
> John Clark-Maine Balsam Library Consortium in balmy Maine

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