Mike Christie wrote:

> Erez Zilber wrote:
>> Mike,
>> We were thinking about making a change in iscsi_discovery. First, the
>> motivation: the script discovers new nodes and tries to connect to them
>> over iSER. If it fails, it assumes that the target only runs iSCSI over
>> TCP. In some of our installations, we would like to discover nodes, and
>> if they don't support iSER, they should not be discovered.
>> So, here's the solution that we thought about:
>>     * The script will receive 2 more parameters:
>>           o requested transport (default is tcp, other values are iser,
>>             qla4xxx and any other transport that open-iscsi supports)
>>           o optional "force" flag (-f)
>>     * For each discovered node, if the user specified a requested
>>       transport (iser or qla4xxx), it will try to login over the
>>       requested transport (the new parameter). If it succeeds, the node
>>       transport will be set to the requested transport. If it fails and
>>       '-f' was used, the discovered node will be deleted and the user
>>       will be notified. If '-f' wasn't used, it will set the node type
>>       to tcp.
>> If you're fine with it, we will make the required changes in the script
>> and send a patch.
> That sounds fine to me.
OK. I will send a patch soon.


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