So it seems that running 2.6.18 (stock Debian kernel) with open-iscsi 
2.0.730-1etch1 doesn't give me any problems regarding the start and 
stopping.  (Although one iscsid process is still running when I stop it 
with the init script.)

  echo - - - > /sys/class/scsi_host/hostX/scan
effectively rescans my target, so the need to upgrade to a later version 
  is not necessary (for me).

However using a later open-iscsi (2.0.865-1) has some problems on 2.6.18 
kernel.  It isn't really stopping when I stop it.  The devices are still 

Debian bug http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=467390 has 
some notes about the newer version of open-iscsi not working with 
kernels below 2.6.25.

2.6.24 is in Debian unstable, without xen for amd64 and I need xen 
support, so I'm rather stuck with 2.6.18.

Stopping open-iscsi also deletes the correct /dev/disk/by-path links. 
But I'm still having problems with a udev rule I wrote myself:

jlyj43j:/etc/udev/rules.d# cat z99_netapp_persistant.rules
# This file contains the rules needed to create persistent device names.

# we are only interested in add actions for block devices
SUBSYSTEM!="block",                     GOTO="no_volume_id"
ACTION!="add",                          GOTO="no_volume_id"

# skip xen virtual hard disks
DRIVERS=="vbd",                         GOTO="no_hardware_id"

         IMPORT{program}="netappluns $KERNEL"

ENV{VFILER}=="?*",ENV{LUN}=="?*",ENV{VOLUME}=="?*",ENV{STATE}=="GOOD", \

# end of processing

The problems seems to be a timing issue.  My 'netappluns' script is 
acting on /dev/sdX.  But /dev/sdX isn't yet created by udev.  Thus failing.

Calling udevtrigger manually, after /dev/sdX is created, creates the 
relevant links.

Are there any guidelines for integrating udev with open-iscsi?

Thanks in advance,
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