On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 04:20:45PM -0500, Mike Christie wrote:
> Hannes Reinecke wrote:
> > 
> > For boot from iSCSI we need to the fwparam_ibft program
> > to setup the network correctly. This patch moves the
> > fwparam_ibft files into a library and adds a new program
> > fwparam_ibft to print out the network parameter.
> > 
> Why do you need a new program to print out the network info? I was 
> working on the same problem, and was working on a patch to print it out 
> with the rest of the ibft info. The patch was made over some RHEL/FC 
> stuff that is used with the ibft sysfs module Konrad did (I or Konard 
> will post the rest of the code later (I thought he had, but I did not 
> see it on the list)).
> I am not sure I care much which one we do. I just do not like the extra 
> program because it is one more thing to remember, so I started the way I 
> did.
> Oh yeah, have you tried the ppc stuff yet? What does it print out for 

iBFT.platform != PPC

> the netdevice? The ibft kernel module links to the net device sysfs dir 
> which is nice, so you do not have to match MAC addrs.
> Also what you going to do for DHCP? Are you just going to use the ip 
> values from ibft? Makes sense. I am just asking, because I noticed weird 

That one is tricky. The spec doesn't say you can diffrenciate between the
dhcp value and the ip value of the IBFT NIC spec. You could have the 'IP'
header filled with a valid IPv6 IP _and_ the 'DHCP' field filled with IPv4

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