thanks for the quick response !!!!

> I do not think you can do this a the LUN level. I think IET lets you
> config at the initiator or ipaddress level only. You should ask the IET
> guys though.

yeah ... i thought so ... could not find any way to specify a "path to
the block device" also ... i was hoping there was a way of specifying
a unique path to assign on a per-HW-mac that you can pass like say in
the pxelinux.cfg configuration file as one could do in NFS ....

> If you just want to be able to make you can mount a specific disk
> though, you can use mount by label or udev (I think you can use udev
> with Centos but I am not 100% sure).

yeah, I think it would work, if one would have some dedicated
prep/workstation - where one:

a.  connect to the specific target at a point in time
b.  then mke2fs and *uniquely* label the partition/device
c.  copy that off into the designated unique directory path ...
and repeat for each bootless workstation that you would like to
provide the service to ...


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