Hello everyone. I'm not very experienced with iscsi, so please excuse
me if asking stupid questions.

I'm evaluation opensuse 11 (Beta1) for my servers and have found some
worrying errors in the log. The following error quite frequently shows

May  5 21:15:05 manjula klogd:  connection1:0: ping timeout of 5 secs
expired, last rx 4626267449, last ping 4626264949, now 4626269949
May  5 21:15:05 manjula klogd:  connection1:0: detected conn error
May  5 21:15:05 manjula iscsid: Kernel reported iSCSI connection 1:0
error (1011) state (3)
May  5 21:15:09 manjula iscsid: connection1:0 is operational after
recovery (1 attempts)

The target is the infamous Promise m500i and the initiator "transport
class version 2.0-869. iscsid version 2.0-868"
Nic : Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5721 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (tg3)
Kernel  2.6.25-rc9-17-default x86_64

There is really no load on this system yet. I used a sniffer to record
the traffic and it seem the target "all the sudden" sends a reset
(frame 65). I'm not sure if this happens at the same time as the error
printed to the log. I have uploaded the capture file here:

To my first stupid question. The target is equipped with 2 x 1GB nics
having address & 6. When I did the discovery I only
pointed to one of these addresses still both where found  and used
(magic). Also I noticed that every lun is registered twice (sdc & d
for lun1 etc), is the reason for this performance, fail over or
perhaps both ? I've spotted in the target the following setting "Max
Connections 1" (non-configurable) and was thinking perhaps this reset
was related to this. I have left all configuration to it's defaults
only changing the login information.

Config file: http://www.wehay.com/iscsid.conf

I have several older machines accessing the same target without any

Any ides on what todo next would be most appreciated.
Brgds Jonas Israelsson
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