jergendutch wrote:
> Hello,
> I have iscsi setup on some boxes. They can all mount a central target
> in succession but not at the same time. This is fine, I have installed
> GFS to make this work.
> I read somewhere (and this is where I need the help) that open-iscsi
> limits the number of connections per lun to one, and I need to
> increase this to the number of hosts. Can anyone tell me where this
> is, I cannot find it any more.

If you have a target with LUN1 and one portal, and if you have hostA and 
hostB running open-iscsi. HostA will create one connection to the target 
and through that we will access LUN1 and any other logical units on the 
target. If the target only has one portal then we will only create one 
connection to the target for hostA (open-iscsi creates one connection 
per portal on the target basically). For hostB, the initiator running on 
that will create another connection to the target.

> My second question is about startup.
> At the moment I start iscsi, then I run the discovery command, then
> restart iscsi to see the disk.

After discovery you can just run

iscsiadm -m node -T target -p ip:port -l
to login into a specific portal that was found. There are lots of 
variations on this. See the README.

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