There is no prints when it closes the connection. Looking at a wireshark
trace, I can see that it just suddenly sends a FIN. Directly after that it
logs in again.

I have forwarded this message and will get you the answers to your


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Eddy Quicksall wrote:
> The iscsi initiator keeps closing the connection (with a FIN) while I'm
> testing my target. My target will run real slow because I have lots of
> prints. Does the initiator have a timeout such that if it does not receive
> response in time then it will close the connection? If so is there a way
> disable it?

It just has the nop timers you asked about before, and the scsi command 

If you set the nop timers to zero then we will not drop the connection 
if we do not get a response in time. If we do drop the connection 
because of a nop timing out, we spit out a error message about the nop 
timing out and that we are dropping the connection so you would know 
that is the reason.

The scsi command timer is set by the scsi layer. If the scsi command 
does not complete in that time, the scsi layer can start its error 
handler and that can result in us dropping the connection in some 
kernel/driver versions, if all else fails. The setting is under 
/sys/block/sdaX/device/timeout and you can change it in the udev rule 
for scsi devices (see the README for scsi command timer) It is normally 
60 seconds. You can write to that file to increase it. If we drop the 
connection because this you would see a lot of host reset succeeded 
messages in the log too.

What kernel are you using? And what iscsi modules are you using (the 
ones that come with the kernel or the modules)? And what 
version of open-iscsi?

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