> > Looks like a tcp-reset was received ? Would it help if I start the
> > initiator by hand and increased debug-level ?
> No. It looks like the target dropped the connection on us. Did you see
> anything on the target logs?

I am afraid not, this target unfortunately leaves much to wish for, a
good log-function being one (jumboframes another). The only log
facility I am aware of is the so called eventlogger, only giving
information on major events such as disk failures etc. I am certain
however a more sophisticated log-function does exist but is kept
hidden from us mortals. Perhaps if Pasi reads this knows something
that I do not (in the matter hehe..) ? Log entrys on the initiator
side before and after the iscsi-error reveals the error occurred
during backup which most likely is the I/O peak. No error was however
reported by the backup routine nor have I found any data inconsistent.
Probably yet another stupid question, but how is that possible ? Is a
modern filesystem (I use XFS) able to recover or are the program told
by the initiator to wait until it's recover have completed ?

Last night backup succeeded with no errors reported.

Furthermore I would also like (as others) to thank you Mike for
spending time to help someone like me. It is greatly appreciated and
widely spread among those in doubt of the open source philosophy.

Brgds Jonas
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