Hi, thanks for your help ...

For the "client", if I understand the system running the open-issci
initiator(Qnap TS-219 in my case), Qnap provide a linux version "as
is" with some proprietary part (like paragon ntfs or specific patch
from Marvell (the supplyer of integrated processor with the arm

but also provide the source code for the linux kernel (it's what it's
possible to compile the .ko needed).
To compile (open-iscsi) I use native compiler (on qnap) and cross-
compiler from codesourcy ... il all case without error.

So it's possible that in Qnap ( kernel) some component are
missing but iscsid run as usual and loop on waiting event from the
IPC, receive the request from iscsiadm and fall in error , but not a
fatal error, iscsid continue to loop en event and accept new request,
iscsiadm said that pipe is broben but I don't know if it's iscsid that
close the pipe or an error in iscsiadm.

So for this point I can't change or only distroy all, to install a pre
version of debian available. I can do the test after a full backup, I
have up to 750 GB bytes of data on my raid1 Qnap system.... so not so

If the "client" is the target iscsi, I try with QNAP itself (my actual
requirement), but also with target define in a opensuse 11.1 system.

On 2 juin, 07:52, "Ulrich Windl" <ulrich.wi...@rz.uni-regensburg.de>

> Could you try some standard distribution on the client side?

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