On 06/12/2009 08:49 AM, Philippe wrote:
> Hi,
> Even if I don't receive more help ... I try to understand my prob.

I am really really sorry about this. I am really swamped at work, so I 
have been avoiding lots of problems on the list. Your problem is a 
little more difficult since I have no way to replicate it too.

> I have remarked that just before closing the pipe cnx with
> iscsidadm ... iscsid read the /etc/passwd file ??????
> My question is : what iscsid search in this file ... if it's linked to
> root, it's possible a problem because Qnap team create an admin user
> group administrators in place of root:root  ???? and I clearly don't
> know if it's possible to change it ...
> Can you explain me why iscsid open /etc/passwd in case of ?.

iscsid does not directly read /etc/passwd. We are probably calling some 
lib function which is doing it. I think it might be the getpwuid call in 
mgmt_ipc.c:mgmt_peeruser(). If you are building and are ok with C then 
you might want to checkout if SO_PEERCRED is defined or if SCM_CREDS is?

Also is this code compiled statically? There is a getpwuid() defined in 
static.c as a hack when compiling statically.

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