> > I agree that having just one mailing list is the most convenient for
> > kernel developers. But not everyone who is subscribed to open-iscsi is
> > a kernel developer. Wouldn't it be more convenient for iSCSI users to
> > have two lists -- one intended for iSCSI users, and one for iSCSI
> > developers, such that the users can subscribe to the former only ?
> > Just my two cents.
> > 
> > Bart.
> > 
> >From my experience this makes users loos on the Kernel guys.
> Kernel guys are busy, and mind their own business, but
> if a question comes up, which they know the answer they would
> occasionally participate. Splitting will loos that.

I think Bart is talking about two camps of users: developers (both
kernel and user-land), and those seeking help.
> I think iscsi mailing-list is not that big and still easy
> to monitor. Just set your mailer to view by thread, and
> it's easy to jump over threads that are not interesting.

I have to agree, Ctrl-D in mutt is wonderfull thing.
> My $0.017
> Boaz

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