what are the steps for installing ISCSI on Ubuntu 9.4? I am having a
horrible time doin just that

I would love to recover or even see the luns I have provisioned

Paul Cooper

Konrad Rzeszutek wrote:

>>> On RHEL 5.3 and newer, upstream and probably ubuntu (not sure what
>>> version is in there), you can do
>>> iscsiadm -m session -r $SID --rescan
>> Mike -
>> The target can initiates a UNIT ATTENTION with additional sense as
>> "Report LUN data changed", I don't see that currently being handled by
>> the SCSI-ML. 
> You get that in dmesg? Or is that something the aray can do, but you
> have to configure it?
>> A rescan may not be necessary if this information is received by the
>> open-iscsi.
> Huh? Why not? I mean if the LUN changed (it changed size for example),
> don't you want to rescan the LUN to pick up the changes?
> Thought where this is handled is bit complex. You can either handle it
> in the kernel (and have to deal with re-syncing all of the structures
> related to the block disk), or run a user-land program that deletes the
> old block disks and re-creates it (by kicking of a REPORT_LUN scan).
> >

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