> > =========
> > Since I am creating two iscsi sessions (one out eth2 and eth3), I'm
> > wondering how routing plays into sessions.  Since iscsiadm is given
> > the hwaddress, does iscsid need to care much about routing?  In
> > words, let's say that, for whatever reason, my session that I had
> > through eth3 (that session, by the way, is connected to
> > on the EqualLogic) timesout.  iscsid sees this and attempts to
> > the session.  Since my routing table shows eth2 above the route for
> > eth3, IP-wise, eth2 will be the interface that would typically be
> > chosen for that traffic to route out of.  However, is iscsid smart
> > enough to not use that route and instead select the iface (based on
> > hwaddress) to use for that reconnection?
> >
> When you use the iface binding iscsid is going to tell the network
> layer
> to ignore the route tables and bind the session to whatever nic you
> specified in the iface/target binding.

Mike - Is MSG_DONTROUTE being set ? I thought the route is not touched
by the iface binding and used only for the session uniqueness. Is there
some other mechanism to hint the lower layers.

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