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> [Ips] lun reset and r2t error handling
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> Hi,
> For a single connection session with ERL=0 and without FastAbort, if the 

> initiator has sent a lun reset task management function and the target 
> has sent a R2T, is it ok for the target to send a task management 
> response with Function Complete, before the initiator has sent the 
> data-out pdus for the R2T? It looks like the reason the target will do 
> this is due to a internal target timeout (target did not get the 
> data-outs within some timeout period).
> If the target does return the task management function with Function 
> Complete, should the initiator continue to respond to the R2Ts?

The initiator doesn't have to send more data but since more data may be 
still in flight
it shouldn't harm to send a "terminating" Dataout. Target should behave OK 
in both cases.

> And one other question. In section 10.5.1, we have:
>     The issuing initiator SHOULD however terminate (i.e., by setting the
>     F-bit to 1) these response sequences as quickly as possible.
> Does this mean if we have sent a lun reset, and the target has sent a 
> R2T, should we be setting the F-bit in the continued data-out PDU so as 
> to end the transfer, even though actual data transfer has not been 
> completed entirely?
> What if we do send all the data like normal, should that still be ok?
Yes - receivers are supposed to be lenient.
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