Yangkook Kim wrote:
> Hi, Mike. Thank you for your patch.
>> I do not want to add a login log message to the iscsid_req_* functions
>> because they are generic and could be used for any operation.
> Yes, that's perfectly right idea. That should be bettet than my patch.
> I tried your patch, but that still does not output login-success
> message when calling
> iscsid_req_by_rec.
> It seems that log_login_msg() would not be called in either login_portal() or
> iscsid_logout_reqs_wait() when iscsid_req_by_rec returns success.
> I probably missed something. I will look at it tomorrow again.

Nope. You are right. Nice catch. I messed up. I was only concentrating 
on the error paths. I will fix up my patch and resend. Thanks.


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