Jim Cole wrote:
> Hi - I am running into problems utilizing two NICs in an iSCSI setup
> for multipath IO. The setup involves a Linux server (Ubuntu 9.10
> Server) with two Broadcom NetXtreme II GbE NICs connected to two
> separate switches on a single subnet, which is dedicated to EqualLogic
> SAN access.
> I have setup two iface definitions using the following steps.
>   - iscsiadm -m iface -I eth4 --op=new
>   - iscsiadm -m iface -I eth5 --op=new
>   - iscsiadm -m iface -I eth4 --op=update -n iface.net_ifacename -v
> eth4
>   - iscsiadm -m iface -I eth5 --op=update -n iface.net_ifacename -v
> eth5
> I have also tried specifying the MAC addresses explicitly with no
> change in behavior.
> Discovery was performed with the following command and worked as
> expected, generating node entries for both interfaces.
> - iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p xx.xx.xx.xx:3260 -I eth4 -I eth5
> Up to this point everything looks good. And I have no trouble logging
> one interface into the desired target. However attempts to login the
> second interface always result in a time out. The message is
>   iscsiadm: Could not login to [iface: eth4, target: <target>, portal:
> xx.xx.xx.xx,3260]:
>   iscsiadm: initiator reported error (8 - connection timed out)
> The problem is not specific to one interface. I am able to login with
> either one. I just can't seem to login with both at the same time.

Can you do ping through each interface at the same time?


ping -I eth4 xx.xx.xx.xx

in one console and

ping -I eth5 xx.xx.xx.xx

in another.


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