Alex Zeffertt wrote:
> Please could the attached patch be considered for inclusion in the open-iscsi
> source.  Note: this patch depends on support-multidisk-ibft.patch sent 
> earlier.
> Regards,
> Alex Zeffertt
> Changelog:
> ---------
> For each target listed, iSCSI Boot Firmware Tables specify which NIC to use 
> and 
> how it should be configured.  Until now this information has been ignored by 
> open-iscsi.
> This patch enables this information to be listed by iscsiadm/iscsistart, and 
> it 
> also enables iscsistart to apply the configuration.
> The existing commands "iscsiadm -m fw" and "iscsistart -f" now list the NIC 
> configuration from the iBFT in addition to the other information.
> The new command "iscsiadm -n" applies the NIC configuration specified in the 
> iBFT for each valid target.
> The primary benefit of this is that it allows the initrd to extract 
> networking 
> information from the iBFT rather than hard code it.  If the initrd uses the 
> iBFT 
> for networking info then when the setup is modified via the BIOS it is not 
> necessary to rebuild the initrd.

For offload with bnx2i and cxgb3i, this is going to be needed. Instead 
of the net ioctls, we have to pass this info down to the iscsi offload 
drivers using the iscsi interface.

For software iscsi with ibft, I think it will be useful too. I am just 
not sure if it might mess up other distro stuff. Have you evaluated 
them? Let's see if Hannes from SUSE or Hans from Red Hat have an opinion.


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