OK, I shall try reducing timeouts to confirm whether the system is
completely hung but probably won't be able to before the New Year.

> >   Another problem was uncovered when a real local tape drive was added, 
> > while
> > status messages suggsted that
> >   the open-iscsi interfaces hand changed from using /dev/st0 to /dev/st1 the
> > system would not actually
> You lost me. So the tape device is local or accessed through iscsi?

Originally open-iscsi installed to access an HP D2D, so access to it
is via /dev/st0, a psuedo tape device, to actually write data & /dev/
sg3 in this instance to 'control' the autoloader functions of the D2D.
For various reasons they wanted a real local tape drive on the box as
well. When that was installed it became /dev/st0 and the device used
by open-iscsi had chnaged to /dev/st1, however no operations would
work anymore i.e. normally to write data to the D2D you would run

mtx -f /dev/sg3 load 2

This loads a 'slot' on the D2D which is then accessible via /dev/st0

tar cvf /dev/st0 <some stuff>

would write data to the D2D.

After installing the new local tape drive the device names reported by
open-iscsi had changed, but the same operations using the new tape
device, /dev/st1, would not work correctly.


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