On 02/25/2011 04:56 AM, Vikas Chaudhary wrote:
+static int
+mgmt_ipc_set_host_net_config(queue_task_t *qtask)
+       struct iscsi_transport *t;
+       int param_count;
+       int err;
+       param_count = qtask->req.payload_len/sizeof(struct iscsi_net_param);
+       t = iscsi_sysfs_get_transport_by_name(
+           qtask->req.u.set_net_config.transport_name);
+       if (ipc->set_net_config(t->handle,
+           qtask->req.u.set_net_config.host_no, qtask->payload, param_count))
+               err = ISCSI_ERR;
+       else
+               err = ISCSI_SUCCESS;
+       mgmt_ipc_write_rsp(qtask, err);
+       return ISCSI_SUCCESS;

Are you having iscsid do the actual set_net_config netlink msg because that is how we were doing other stuff at the time or was there another reason? I ask because we used to do all nl msgs through iscsid, but there is no need to do this now. You can just do:

int fd;

fd = ipc->ctldev_open();
if (fd < 0)
        return some_error;



It is nice because you do not have to go through iscsid just to send a msg.

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