Степан Фёдоров wrote:
i can login only on 123 targets. Next login have this in dmesg:
[ 6811.893602] fmr_pool: fmr_create failed for FMR 184
[ 6811.893779] iser: iser_create_ib_conn_res:unable to alloc mem or create 
resource, err -12

If next i logout one session, then i can login one target again. What
is the resource on initiator side number of session dpends on, and is
there any ability to grow up this limit?

The limit you're hitting is the amount of possible active FMR (Fast
Memory Registration) elements, the iser code uses an FMR pool per iscsi
session (== iscsi target), each pool has 256 FMRs, so after (123 * 256 +
183) FMRs it seems we're getting exhausted... I see a device capability
(e.g exposed through "ibv_devinfo -v" that would allow to realize that
upfront, there's "max_fmrs" but its zero...). Is that 123 targets for
specific initiator a realistic requirement for your environment?


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