On 03/28/2011 04:11 AM, Or Gerlitz wrote:
Hi Mike, I don't see this message in the open-iscsi archive, I also

It might have shown up late. I had to manually ok messages.

didn't get it to a subscription I have in my gmail email account. I'm
suspecting this is b/c my sender address is now @mellanox.com which is
different from the email I'm subscribed with - @voltaire.com, the group

Yeah, that was it.

page says that everyone can post... also going to
http://groups.google.com/group/open-iscsi and pressing on the "edit my
membership" link brings me to
http://groups.google.com/group/open-iscsi/subscribe where I can't
specify any new email address... all in all - how about moving to be

Yeah, I think you have to subscribe the new address or go into some other google settings screen that changes the address.

hosted @vger.kernel.org ?

I would like to. Is there a way to move everyone over or do we all have to subscribe to that list? Do you think people would mind re-subscribing?

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