I think the iscsiadm command line syntax should be simpler and easy to 
reproduce without having to look up the man page for the meaning of each 

It should be something like

iscsiadm --mode discovery --portal
iscsiadm --mode login --targetname iqn.2005-10.com.open-iscsi.test:12345 
iscsiadm --mode display --parameter session/discoverydb/connection

Also, in the current (TOT) iscsiadm man page, there is no mention is mode 
discovery whereas iscsiadm --help displays a line for mode discovery
"iscsiadm -m discovery [ -hV ] [ -d debug_level ] [-P printlevel] [ -t type 
-p ip:port -I ifaceN ... [ -l ] ] | [ [ -p ip:port ] [ -l | -D ] ] "
What is this mode used for ?

Thank you,
Vivek S

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