On 08/31/2011 11:57 AM, Aastha Mehta wrote:
> Hello,
> Attached is the patch for the first kernel TODO item in the TODO list
> circulated earlier. I could not send the patch through git send-email, so
> have attached it here.
> Thanks,
> Aastha.

- You do not need the changes to a/utils/fwparam_ibft/prom_lex.c. Drop them.

- err_table should be renamed to kern_err_table to reflect it is the
table for errors that the kernel is notifying userspace of.

- __ERRTABLE_H__ should be __KERN_ERR_TABLE_H_

- err_table should be static, becuase it is only used in that file.

- ISCSI_OK could be "ISCSI_OK: operation successful"

- ISCSI_ERR_DATASN should be "ISCSI_ERR_DATASN: Received invalid data
sequence number from target"

- "ISCSI_ERR_DATA_OFFSET: Seeking offset beyond the size of the iscsi
segment" should be "ISCSI_ERR_DATA_OFFSET: Seeking offset beyond the
size of the iSCSI segment"

"ISCSI_ERR_MAX_CMDSN: Sequence no. is greater than the maximum allowed
value" should be "ISCSI_ERR_MAX_CMDSN: Received invalid iSCSI command
sequence number from target".

"ISCSI_ERR_EXP_CMDSN: not the expected sequence no. of the iscsi
command" should be "ISCSI_ERR_EXP_CMDSN: Received invalid expected
command sequence number from target

"ISCSI_ERR_BAD_OPCODE: Got an invalid iSCSI opcode" should
be"ISCSI_ERR_BAD_OPCODE: Received an invalid iSCSI opcode".

"ISCSI_ERR_AHSLEN: Invalid AHS len" should be "ISCSI_ERR_AHSLEN:
Received an invalid AHS length from target".

"ISCSI_ERR_PROTO: Some protocol not followed correctly" should be
"ISCSI_ERR_PROTO: iSCSI protocol violation".

"ISCSI_ERR_BAD_ITT: Invalid invitation to transmit" should be
"ISCSI_ERR_BAD_ITT: Received invalid initiator task tag from target.

"ISCSI_ERR_R2TSN: Invalid sequence no. of iSCSI R2T response" should be
"ISCSI_ERR_R2TSN: Received invalid R2T (Ready to Transfer) data sequence
number from target".

"ISCSI_ERR_PARAM_NOT_FOUND: Parameters not found" should be
"ISCSI_ERR_PARAM_NOT_FOUND: Parameter not found".

"ISCSI_ERR_NO_SCSI_CMD: No SCSI command to execute" should be
"ISCSI_ERR_NO_SCSI_CMD: could not look up SCSI command".

iSCSI host is in a invalid state".

session was dropped as a result of SCSI error recovery".

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