Rustad, Mark D <> wrote:

> > Mike, Just to make sure I understand the context, DCB vlan ID + pbits
> > and a like setting is targeted for iscsi HW offloads, correct?
> It really isn't targeted for iscsi HW offloads. In fact I don't think there
> is any connection at all. It is about honoring the iscsi application
> priority established by DCB, whether offloaded or not.

Mark (added the list),

When you say "iscsi application priority" does this eventually should result
in the 8021q priority bits set for iscsi sessions
or its priority in some other/higher level which relates to DCB/ETS?

> The lldpad daemon processes the LLDP protocol to negotiate DCB settings. It
> then communicates the settings down to the drivers, which expose them via
> netlink. iscsid accesses that information via netlink to establish a
> priority setting when iscsi sessions are created.

When you say "drivers" I assume  you refer to the network/ethernet drivers,

> As you can see from the description above, the iscsi kernel code plays no
> role in setting or controlling the priority. Right now it is all done by
> iscsid based on information that it receives from the kernel.

So in high level, how iscsid acts to form that priority for the iscsi
session? is it through invoking some setsockopt (e.g SO_PRIORITY or IP_TOS)
before handing the iscsi tcp socket to the kernel?

> What sort of support are you looking for?

I'm looking for a way to specify a vlan priority for an iSER (iSCSI RDMA)
session for the case of using iser in conjunction with IBoE (Infiniband over
Ethernet), unlike the case of iscsi/tcp, the iser session is established
from within the kernel under the directive of iscsid. What I can do is patch
the iscsi code to deliver trough the iscsi netlink user/kernel comm a
priority which it can get from the local 8021q device egress mapping or from



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