Hello Mike,

I found that although the new iface additions of gateway/subnet/etc. are
now present in the iface file in rhel6.2 inbox open-iscsi util, however,
the particular parameters are not being passed to iscsiuio upon
connection request.

The problem looks to be related to the iface_rec inside the node_rec
only contains the previously defined fields and not the entire iface
fields.  Unfortunately for us, iscsiuio only gets the iface_rec from the
node_rec and not the iface_rec directly from the database...

I also notice that any changes to those new iface parameters via the
iface -o update would fail to update the node due to the same reason.  I
think the solution here is to add those new additions to the node_rec as
well in idbm.c.

I'll provide a patch for that.  Its probably too late for rhel6.2?


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