On 12/21/2011 10:01 AM, Sebastian Riemer wrote:
could you provide quick pointers / 1-2 examples  for such API/ABI changes
which aren't deployed in the upstream iser code?

you wrote long emails, I'm asking for one concrete example for that enum crunching of adding entries
not at the end, can you, please?

Sorry, I've meant the OFED code and not the mainline. In the mainline
kernel this always would be fixed at least to make it compile.

I want to double check I'm with you - so when you said that iser didn't work e.g "TCP worked very well. I've also updated from git to latest 2.0.872 (latest change 2011-11-01) for testing. TCP always worked and iSER was always unusable." you actually wanted to say "iser from ofed" and not iser from this or that upstream kernel?

If something is in the mainline It doesn't mean that it really works perfectly 
from there.
Some drivers are better from out-of-tree. I thought that this is also the case 
with OFED.

as life, mainline isn't perfect, but it doesn't say that ofed is perfect nor that by any bit its better then mainline, you may know and if you don't here are the news: the ofa community has to decided to stop producing ofed in the way it was done over the years, namely from now (Jan 2012) and onward, ofed will be only backports provided from mainline, no additions, so this false betterness claim can't even be stated anymore. Now, even this "backporting only" new mode has to be defined - since for example, is the iscsi case... except for iser, ofed will not provide the iscsi modules nor tools, so its not clear/how trivial/for someone takes (say) iser from 3.2 and backport it to (say) 3.6.35 in manner that it will be operable with 3.6.35 and unknown version of the tools.

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