On 11/30/2012 06:16 AM, vikas.chaudh...@qlogic.com wrote:
> From: Adheer Chandravanshi <adheer.chandravan...@qlogic.com>
> This patch allows iscsiadm to manage iSCSI target information stored on
> adapter flash on per host basis.
> The sysfs entries will look as cited below:
>     /sys/class/iscsi_flash_tgt/tgt-<host_no>-<target_no>/
> Eg:
>     /sys/class/iscsi_flash_tgt/tgt-1-0/apply
>     /sys/class/iscsi_flash_tgt/tgt-1-0/login
>     /sys/class/iscsi_flash_tgt/tgt-1-0/logout
>     /sys/class/iscsi_flash_tgt/tgt-1-0/<Target attributes>

I was more asking if we could just work off the existing layout. When
you write to /sys/class/iscsi_host/host1/add_flash_tgt, it would create
a new /sys/class/iscsi_session/session-X entry. Then you would cd there
and write to the files to set the values you wanted to use. Then write
to a /sys/class/iscsi_session/session-X/login file to initiate login.

Was it too difficult to modify the existing
iscsi_cls_session/iscsi_cls_conn code for this?

But a second question I have is why are you using sysfs for this when
for the iface stuff you used netlink?

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