On 4/4/2013 10:50 AM, Donald Williams wrote:
Re: Startup.  The problem was resolved in 12.10, so you should be fine.

Re: Backup. Are you connecting to the live volume? If you connect two servers to the same volume w/o a cluster file system in place you will end up with a corrupted volume. Updates on one server won't be seen by the other. Using a snapshot is the safest way to backup an EQL volume.


I have an appliance that does email archiving and it is using a volume on the Equallogic to store data. I can't only have the data in one place though so I'm mounting the partition (ext3) from a local linux server and using duplicity to back the data up to a remote location over FTPS. The linux server isn't writing anything to the partition, only reading from it.


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