On 3/29/2013 12:12 PM, Mark Lehrer wrote:

iscsiadm -m node --login

I have an EqualLogic and it works pretty well.

I typically specify the target with -T, and the grapdmin user console
shows errors too (if the initator is connect to a good IP).

Is it timing out or failing right away?

Can you double check that the target portal IP is correct?  Maybe try
defining the target as "unrestricted" to make sure it isn't a password
kind of problem.


Hey Mark, sorry for the delayed response. I finally got it connected after deleting all of my discovery information and starting from scratch. I wasn't able to get it connected using CHAP so I just restricted it based on IP address. I'm using the latest firmware on the PS6100XV as of last week. Since getting it connected I haven't had any issues.

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