On 04/26/2014 01:05 AM, Mike Christie wrote:
> On 04/25/2014 11:54 PM, Cheng Cheng wrote:
>> Hi Mike,
>> Thanks for replying. 
>>> You should not have to logout the session. For Red Hat and I think
>>> SLES, when the system is shutting down the root FS gets mounted as
>>> read-only. iSCSI is left running. Eventually /sbin/shutdown is run and
>>> from there the kernel is shutdown and if needed the scsi layer might
>>> have the iscsi layer send some commands like a sync cache. So for this
>>> you just need to leave the network up.
>> I did some research today around this. For Debian, yes, the root FS will
>> be remounted as read-only before shutting down/rebooting. However, the
>> system will then stuck at sync cache, even I have left network running.
>> I have not looked into the Linux kernel to check whether iscsi layer
>> will send logout command to the target, but I highly suspect it won't.
> It will not logout of the target at this time. It cannot because
> userspace is shutdown and iscsid is what sends the logout request.
> A logout is *not* needed though. It is not what is causing your problem.
> For RHEL/OEL and SUSE we do not send a logout and it works fine.
>> Here is what I am going to propose:
>>     1. I am now trying to extend iscsistart to be capable send logout
>> command.
>>     2. In runlevel 0 and runlevel 6, after remounting the root FS as
>> read-only, use pivot_root and chroot to change the root to a ramfs,
>> similar to initramfs, which is loaded with iscsistart. Then we can
>> logout gracefully by invoking iscsistart.
>> Please let me know what do you think of this.
> It is nice to logout but it is not going to fix your problem.
> If you are getting stuck at the sync cache stage then your network
> probably went down. /sbin/shutdown probably shutdown the network on you.

When you hit this problem, on the console around the time you see the
sync cache sent do you then see a conn error 1011 error message?

If you reconfig the cache settings on the target so a sync cache is not
needed do you hit this problem?

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