On 08/27/2014 02:24 AM, Ulrich Windl wrote:
>>>> Learner Study <learner.st...@gmail.com> schrieb am 27.08.2014 um 02:13 in
> Nachricht
> <CAP8+hKW=HApS+=vxeaaibtbbd7yzndu4squt+84se99aglc...@mail.gmail.com>:
>> Hi Mike,
>> Thanks for suggestions....
>> I think you meant,
>> echo 1 > /sys/block/sdX/device/delete
>> I don't see /sys/block/sdX/device/remove in my setup.
> I'm not sure: Is it "echo offline > /sys/block/sdX/device/state", "echo "scsi 
> remove-single-device" ${host} ${channel} ${id} ${lun} > /proc/scsi/scsi", or 
> "echo 1 > 
> /sys/class/scsi_device/${host}:${channel}:${id}:${lun}/device/delete"?

To delete a device just do

echo 1 > /sys/block/sdX/device/delete

You can also do it through proc if it is enabled for your kernel.

No need to offline the device before deleting. The scsi layer will
handle the device state transitions.

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