I'd like reopen the discussion on how to package and name our artifacts. I think the current setup could be improved, to give a better experience for users who might not be using maven for dependency management. It's easy for us to change now before graduation because once we graduate, people will need to update their dependencies anyway so there are no backward compatibility issues.

The name of the single jar that has all of the openjpa stuff in it except for the documentation and examples is currently called openjpa- all. This name is confusing because unless they RTFM, people don't really know that it's not all the code you need, just all the jpa code. So I'd like to call this artifact openjpa.

But we already have a project with that name, and that project builds the distributions. So I'd rename the current openjpa to openjpa-dist. Its ultimate destination in the Apache mirror structure is under www.apache.org/dist/openjpa once we graduate, so having dist in the project name helps understanding that this project builds the artifacts that go into dist. Separate from the artifacts that are published via maven.

Finally, the openjpa-all jar includes its subcomponents as dependencies. I think this is wrong, since you end up with a class path with openjpa-all.jar as well as openjpa-kernel.jar and all the others.



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