We are interested in using OLC to index a geographically partitioned and 
distributed open source GIS system for unmanned aircraft systems. OLC seems 
like a natural fit for a variety of reasons (varied resolution, cogent grid 
system, concise address, open standard, etc). However, we operate in three 
dimensions (as do our underwater unmanned system colleagues and our 
building information management system colleagues). I'm not sure how this 
also pertains to the addressing problem worldwide, but I have lived in 
places with no clear address scheme that included multi story buildings. 
This is the case even using OLC for our business where our office location 
is on the 2nd floor. In many of these cases, a vertical dimension would be 

We could do our own implementation by appending some sort of elevation or 
z-axis, but I'm curious if there are thoughts from the team on a three 
dimensional implementation of the system.

Thank you,


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