Thanks for the reply, Simon

I have never tried compiling the binaries (and I'm infact new to OSCAP, and 
don’t have an idea of the source code details). I'm just relying on the 
binaries downloaded via yum. Can you please help me here, by providing 
additional details?

Bharath M

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On 07/02/2018 03:17 PM, Mohanraj, Bharath wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can someone please help me with details on OSCAP support for other 
> platforms? In addition to Linux flavors, are we planning to support 
> other platforms? I know, there is some work going on for supporting 
> Windows. I’m especially looking for HP-UX at this moment. Are there 
> any plans? Can this be achieved today somehow?


OpenSCAP works on Solaris for ages. That leads me to think that HP-UX shouldn't 
be that much of problem. Have you tried to compile it and run the test suite?

I would guess you might run into a failure or two, but I suppose the problems 
will be very isolated and solvable by #ifdef-s. If you happen to find any such 
problems don't hesitate to send patches upstream!

All the best!

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