On 10/26/2010 08:36 PM, Harald Welte wrote:

> 5) Improve the SMS situation
>    The current SMS code still sucks really bad.  We don't want this inside
>    OpenBSC, and we still don't do timer-based / automatic delivery.  Using
>    the manual 'sms send pending' command causes severe blockage if the queue
>    is getting too large.  I will try to squeeze in some time to rewrite this
>    code and make it run as external process.

Okay, we should also have notifications so that we can deliver SMS during a LU
or other events where we happen to have a channel available. I am not sure
that this is available in any of the speced protocols.

One far fetched goal would be to complete the osmo-bsc before the 27C3 and
then move the bsc_hack code behind the A-link on top of the improved SMS

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