>> I was planning to enhance pySim to allow more batch programming and
>> support for pc/sc reader (so you just have to insert, wait, remove,
>> insert, wait, ...).
>> I will probably do that soon, after DeepSec.
> ok, great. looking forward to it.

This is done and pushed.

I merged your pcsc code first, then :
 - Split into several files (for clarity and also so that if you don't
use the pcsc code, it doesn't try to import pysmartcard and the other
way around)
 - Added option to save parameters to CSV file, or directly to an
openBSC HLR. (the extension is just 9 + 5 last digits of ICCID, change
in the code if required)
 - Added option to switch to batch mode (including saving state).
Takes about a second per card with a pcsc reader.

./pySim-prog.py -p 0 -t auto_once -n 27C3 -c 49 -x 232 -y 42 -z
ZuperZecret --batch --batch-state /tmp/batchstate.dat --write-hlr
/tmp/openbsc.sqlite3 --write-csv /tmp/out.csv

and to resume a batch you can omit the network parameters

./pySim-prog.py -p 0 -t auto_once --batch --batch-state
/tmp/batchstate.dat --write-hlr /tmp/openbsc.sqlite3 --write-csv

(The 'auto_once' means do auto-detection only once for the session and
assume other card are the same type to speed things up)



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