Thanks Misgana for the info.  I followed the steps as below.  But cof-af is 
() empty. What am i missing here?
opencog> loadmodule /opt/opencog/build/opencog/attention/
opencog> start-ecan
Started the following agents:
opencog> scm
Entering scheme shell; use ^D or a single . on a line by itself to exit.
guile> (nlp-start-stimulation 30)
guile> (use-modules (opencog) (opencog nlp) (opencog nlp chatbot) (opencog 
nlp relex2logic))
guile> (nlp-parse "the sky is beautiful")
((SentenceNode "sentence@b8400d67-12b2-46e5-826b-dc54bdad9ed1")
guile> (nlp-parse "the sky is blue")
((SentenceNode "sentence@cbbd5372-5a43-4b81-a823-c490722ef81d")
guile> (nlp-parse "The clouds are in sky")
((SentenceNode "sentence@00bc0122-85b5-4d01-becc-6abf0d92b6f9")
guile> (cog-af)


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