My idea is to give, streams of text ( i don't know what it is about) -- > 
NLP pipeline --> stimulate atoms --> retrieve the atoms with high STI and 
its related atoms and check whether any useful/important  info is obtained. 
Regarding this, i would like to clarify and conform few things. 


   1. Can i stimulate atoms every time they have been parsed by the NLP 
   pipeline ?  Something like this exists before?.  I just tried (nlp-parse 
   "The sky is beautiful") then (cog-stimulate). But i did not know the exact 
   syntax for stimulating. Is this the way it works? What if, when i load a 
   scheme file with atoms in AS and want to stimulate? How to ensure that the 
   atoms  with high STI are remembered/forgotten?.
   2. Feeding the atoms in AS should be in the form of relex or relex2logic 
    for boosting? 
   3.  It is not possible to store atoms with high attention values in DB. 
   There is no code for doing this at this time?.  I can also never delete 
   atoms once that are put into DB.?
   4.  I need to write a code, so that i can retrieve top ranking atoms 
   with high STI?


 I can give only the sentences which are grammatically correct into NLP 
Pipeline?.  So when i give  incomplete sentences say human chats  like this 
"MadMonkey's Jim Cramer next Weeeeeeeek investment htt brtt", it will be 
parsed with low confidence value. Apart from this, will it have impact on 
providing boost to atoms? 

Thanks and regards,

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