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On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 1:04 PM Jeff Thompson <jef...@gmail.com> wrote:

>  > Is the representation of "Bob knows Alice" by a single edge a good
> representation? No -- its an absolutely terrible representation.
> Indeed. A Wikidata-style triple is not knowledge representation, it is
> knowledge expression. The representation is somewhere else, and WIkidata
> will never be allowed to be expressive enough to actually represent
> knowledge.

The problem of wikidata is not storying or querying knowledge.The problem
of wikidata is knowledge reprensetation aka. graphical user interfaces.

>  > The goal of the atomspace is to eliminate human-curated datasets.
> Music to my ears. "Curated" means "detached from the actual source and
> context of knowledge."

Not always. Curated means fixed, patched and edited by a human being
supervisor that knows best, until the correction is delivered in code. That
is chance to avoid structural bias like racist bots.

> With OpenCog I imagine that the AtomSpace will
> connect to the original video feed (maybe from Sophia stored in a
> SingularityNET distributed file store) plus the algorithms which
> resulted in the knowledge representation. This way anyone (and Sophia
> herself when she needs to) can replay the algorithm on the original
> observation and analyze how the knowledge is derived, possibly
> correcting/improving it.

I store:

- the raw data,
- the processed structured data resulting from the processing of the agent,
- the code of the agent.

That is done in a way that preserves temporality.

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