There is a spec that tells you how to identify different editions and versions 
of SNOMED CT - see

In short, is the identifier for any version of SNOMED 
CT.  for the Norway extension you need to know which module it is in (this is 
what will be used in the Module Dependency Reference Set for the Norway 
release) and then, if it was 12345668 for example, the identifier is


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On 25 Apr 2017, at 5:52 pm, Diego Bosc? 
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I think having this in a hardcoded terminology list is probably far from ideal 
(e.g. how do you put "snomed ct+norway national extension"? do we need an 
exhaustive listing of all possible extensions/versions?)

2017-04-25 8:03 GMT+02:00 Ian McNicoll 
SNOMED-CT is the official designator, based on the archetype editor terminology 
On Tue, 25 Apr 2017 at 06:36, Pablo Pazos 
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Congratulations about the new adoption!

The IHTSDO recommends to use exactly "SNOMED CT" as the *name*, in our specs we 
are using SNOMED-CT as the name (it should be corrected to the name preferred 
by the IHTSDO). On an event they explicitly asked to avoid the SNOMED-CT with 
the hyphen when referencing the standard.

As for the term id, I've seen [snomed-ct::35917007 on the specs, or SNOMED-CT 
on sample archetypes:

Tested on the Ocean's archetype editor and they use:

constraint_bindings = <
        ["SNOMED-CT"] = <
            items = <
                ["ac0001"] = <terminology:SNOMED-CT/release?subset=cabolabs>

On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 7:33 PM, Bj?rn Naess 
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Norway just became a SNOMED country.
One simple question - what is the correct terminologyId to use for SNOMED-CT.

Currently we use 'SNOMEDCT' like below. Is this correct?

 <value xsi:type="DV_CODED_TEXT">
                    <value>H?yre ?ye</value>

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