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> > The ranges will be different across labs and across types of
> > measurement due to "precision available", "reagants used",
> > "technology applied", and a variety of other ugly real-world
> > factors. Even for the very same LOINC from the very same lab.
> >
> > I don't think this knowledge should (or can) live in the
> > archetype but rather be stored with the data and/or the
> > interpretation of the data.
> On one hand - I agree with you whole-heartedly. On the other, it seems as
> if you are saying that ultimately the real world is so complex (and has so
> many options) that reducing it all to a normalized/modeled/semantic basis
> is a fool's errand? Too many ugly "real-world factors" to ever be able to
> model in detail? (This may be true - but I am simply asking if that is what
> you are intending to declare.)

I am not attempting to declare that (though I see how it can
be thought to be so :)

I am only arguing this particular issue ATM.

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